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  • We specialize in the manufacturing of dyeing and finishing machines

    Over more than a decade East Asia (H.K.) Group has grown to 3 manufacturing facilities – Jinfa, Honghui and Hongying. We specialize in the R&D, design, manufacturing and aftersales services of textile dyeing machines. We top the dyeing machine industry both at home and aboard with our manufacturing scale, advanced technology, product varieties, quality and price competitiveness.

  • Over a decade of manufacting experience

    We have 3 factories under East Asia (H.K.) Group: Yinfa, Honghui, Hongying. We have been devoting our efforts in design and manufacturing energy efficient dyeing machines with minimum pollution.

  • Quality assurance and price competitiveness

    We offer sophisticated design and superior material quality at marginal profits in the pursuit of our competitiveness in the industry. We gain our market share by following the principle of “Good design, superior quality, reasonable price and reliable after-sales service”. We embrace the challenges from our customer to provide competitive dyeing and finishing solutions.

  • 2 year warranty

    We will find you the best solution to make your wish come true. Selling you our machines is only the first part of our service. We provide 2 year warranty and lifetime follow-up service to give your peace of mind.

  • We supply the oversea market too!

    We have customers all over the world – our products are well received in Europe, Americas, Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Excellent design, excellent quality, reasonable price and reliable after-sales service
  • Director Mr.Wong’s testimony:

    After working with East Asia for 5 years, we have full trust with them. They provide excellent quality and service. It is our pleasure to choose East Asia and h...

  • Director Chen’s testimony:

    We have been working with East Asia for 3 years. They treat each quality issues very serious and solve the problem proactively. We hope to work with this compan...

  • Director Liu’s testimony:

    Although we haven’t worked with East Asia for very long, their well-known reputation in the industry leads us to them. After working with them for a while...

Company profile


Guangdong Honghui Finishing Machinery Factory is Asia Enterprise Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. affiliated factory, specializing in textile dyeing and finishing machinery development, research, design, production, sales and service for the integrated enterprise. With advanced production equipment and a group of industry-experienced engineers and technicians, created with the "Honghui" characteristics of the production management, create a "people-oriented" management culture.

factory has been on the "reputation of integrity legislation, heavy development" for business strategy; and adhere to the "excellence in design, excellent quality, reasonable price and reliable after-sales service" to win the market. Based on domestic and overseas radiation, the development of the textile dyeing and finishing industry mightily. After years of efforts, our products all over the province and outside, and exported to Southeast Asia, the majority of users.

Honghui warmly welcome domestic and foreign merchants to visit and work together to create brilliant!

dye elite Honghui dyeing machine

with high-quality materials and finishing machinery, dyeing and finishing services professional firms.

染色机按染色方法可分为:浸染机、卷染机、轧染机    染色机按被染物形态:散纤维染色机、纱线染色机、织物染色机、成衣染色    染色机按染色温度及压力:常温常压染色机、高温高压染色机 ... [more]
现在的溢流喷射染色机最小的浴比有1∶6,多数均为1∶10,总的来说,染色的质量优劣不能孤立地看浴比大小,更重要的看整机设计得是否合理,它的机械可控性等而定。从染整角度而言,要做到浴比定得... [more]
1、温度 温度是高温高压染色机的关键因素。提高温度,可以提高分散染料的上染%。但当温度高达130度以上时,多数分散染料的上染百分率不再有明显增加。温度过高会引起涤纶酯键产生水解而导致纤维... [more]
高温高压染色机时?;嵋蚬ひ詹僮鞑坏焙筒僮鞑涣嫉仍蛟斐缮?,色渍,色斑,等疵点,因此在染色时应注意下列事项: 一、染液的调制 调制染液时,应先用少量冷水把染料调成浆状,然后用室温水... [more]
一、 回流阀的调节 原来的溢流喷射染色机上均装有Ⅰ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ,三只回液水阀,一般按装在机器左侧后部(图2)所示,它们主要用来控制和调节织物运行及在机内的分布状况。实践证明, 阀Ⅰ要相对开大一... [more]
1、浴比的控制 据印染机械生产企业的产品说明书上介绍浴比似乎越小越能吸引客户,其实不然,无论何种溢流喷射染色机的浴比不是由机械生产企业规定的,而是应该由染整企业根据加工的产品在制订工... [more]

Factory Tour

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